Why Join DataFi’s Rate Lock Rewards Program?

Start earning 20% cash back on every transaction you process!

With DataFi’s Rate Lock Rewards Program, you are entitled to a 20% Cash Back processing incentive on every monthly surcharge.

Process credit cards at the same low rate as you do today, and we will reward you for your loyalty.

DataFi’s rates are guaranteed to be locked for the life of your account.

Rewards are paid quarterly and funded to your DataFi prepaid Visa card.

Get a locked rate. Guaranteed.

When a merchant enters the Rate Lock Rewards Program, they receive the benefits of wholesale Interchange pricing and a GUARANTEED rate for the life of the agreement. Simply put, their rates cannot be increased. In today’s economy of increasing costs, this provides “Peace of Mind” to the merchant that their overhead in collection of electronic payments will not increase. Managing costs is obviously one of a merchant’s biggest challenges. DataFi Payments is a merchant advocate dedicated to conquering this challenge.


Get your Cash Back Rewards Card Today

and start earning 20% cash back rewards on every transaction you process!