DataFi Partner Program

Strengthen Loyalty and Earn Residual Income with DataFi

Your clients trust you, and many need payment processing to accept checks, credit, and debit cards. Offer them a low-cost solution to boost customer loyalty and monthly earnings. Join DataFi’s Partner Program to include in your business offerings.

Why Major Companies Work with DataFi?

We specialize in electronic payment solutions, and we negotiate the best contracts and prices in the industry. We meet and exceed client payment needs at a competitive rate, saving them money and earning you additional income.

Our Payment Solution Process

Let us find the best payment solution for your customer while you focus on core business needs. Our expert agents work with your customer to understand their requirements and tailor speedy solutions. And, we implement quickly.

  • First, account managers contact your customer and they complete an online application.
  • Once underwriting approves, we deploy gateways or equipment.
  • To finalize, your customer contacts our 24/7 service team, available to them anytime.
  • You’re then paid a portion of their profits each month!

Proven Advantages of the DataFi Partner Program

We offer a complete payment solution to help you increase your residual income without increasing costs, staff, or workload. You can create long-term customer relationships while enjoying online reporting for easy tracking. The best part is we work with all types of businesses:

  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Hospitality
  • E-commerce
  • Wireless
  • B2B

Companies Who Already Work with DataFi

We partner with major resellers in many industries, including trade associations, media companies, POS organizations, community banks, software businesses, IT providers, web/app developers, and more. We also offer an agent program for professionals who want full- or part-time work with us.

Earn Residuals and Strengthen Your Business

Serve your customers payment processing to enhance their loyalty to your business. You can now offer a low-cost, turnkey solution to their payment needs while earning monthly, residual income. Add the DataFi Partner Program to your arsenal, and include us in your services.

Join DataFi. Start Earning.